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Photoshop All Shortcut Keys list PDF Download

Edit photos like a pro in Abode Photoshop by learning the most useful keyboard shortcut keys below in the list. 

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most used raster graphics editor software developed by Adobe Inc. If you are working on lots of photo editing with photoshop then if you remember the keyboard shortcuts for Photoshop, then this will save you lots of time during editing.

Below is a complete list containing all the important and useful keyboard shortcuts used in Photoshop that you must have known. 

Also, read our Keyboard shortcut label, if you are more curious about learning keyboard shortcuts related to other software or program.

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Photoshop all Shortcut Keys list

Shortcut Key Descriptions
Esc Cancel completely use Puppet Warp.
F1 Open Help option.
F5 Show/Hide the Brush panel.
Shift + F5 Fill tool.
F6Show/Hide the Color panel.
Shift + F6 Feather selection tool.
F7Show/Hide Layers panel.
Shift + F7 Inverse selection.
F8Show/Hide Info panel.
F9 Show/Hide Actions panel.
F12Revert the selection.
APath selection tool.
BBrush tool.
CCrop tool.
D Default Foreground/Background colors/Thaw Mask tool.
EEraser tool.
FFreeze Mask tool
GGradient tool/ Paint Bucket tool.
HHand tool
IEye drop tool
J Healing Brush tool
K3D tools
LMagnetic Lasso tool
MRectangular Marquee tool
NNotes tool
ODodge tool/Burn tool/Sponge tool
PPen tool/Freeform Pen tool
QToggle between Standard mode and Quick Mask mode
RRotate View tool
SClone Stamp/Pattern Stamp tool
TText type tool
URectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Ellipse, Polygon, Line, Custom shape tools
VMove tool
WMagic Wand tool/Quick selection tool
XSwitch Foreground/Background colors
YHistory Brush/Art History Brush tools
[Decrease Brush size
]Increase Brush size
Shift + [Decrease Brush hardness
Shift + ]Increase Brush hardness
EnterSelect the first edit field of the toolbar
Tab Navigate between fields
Tab + Shift Navigate between fields in the opposite direction
AltChange cancel button to reset/Use the filter gallery
Ctrl Change cancel button to Default/Use the filter gallery
Ctrl + ASelect all pins
Ctrl + DDeselect all pins
Ctrl + JNew Layer via copy
Shift + Ctrl + JNew Layer via cut
Ctrl + ZUndo the last pin adjustment
Ctrl + Shift + ZStep forward
Ctrl + Alt + Z Step backward
Ctrl + Alt + ROpen the Refine Edge dialog box
FCycle through preview modes (forward)
Shift + F Cycle through preview modes (backward)
Shift + PgUp Scroll up or down

That’s the complete list of all keyboard shortcuts related to Adobe Photoshop. 

Learning the keyboard shortcut keys of any software or a program is most helpful to save time when you have done some tasks on that software or program. 
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