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20 Most Viewed Bodo Songs on YouTube [2021] You Should Watch

Most viewed Bodo songs on YouTube of all time. No dubts YouTube is the most popular video sharing platform right now. Nowadays almost thousands of videos are uploaded into YouTube server.

Bodo film industry is also produced lots of video songs that are available on YouTube. So, today in this blog post I’m going to list down the top most viewed Bodo songs on YouTube in 2021.

20 Most Viewed Bodo Songs on YouTube


RankingSong Name/TitleViews
1.Mwthw Mwthw Pyar Kiya Re8,835,724
2.Dalmia Cement Jwng8,728,667
3.Fwidw Haai7,487,713
4.Dwisa barnaini7,317,949
5.Gwrbw Khonayao6,740,364
6.Sajan Sajan6,159,214
8.Jrao Jraowa Jrao Jrao5,797,706
9.Bikha Angni Gaow5,744,944
10.Simagao Unlimited5,451,618
11.Bardwi Sikhla5,267,140
12.Rakhao Rasi4,588,328
13.Long Pant Ganna Damwsa Sona4,390,596
14.Birwi Birwi4,287,815
15.Boro Gami4,067,385
16.Sobai Bima4,041,350
17.Fwi lwi Agwi Fwi4,037,717
18.Akhai Nwngni3,873,700
19.Selfi lwi agwi3,748,397
20.Ang Nagirw3,635,337


These are the top 20 most viewed Bodo songs on YouTube as of 7 July 2021. The ranking may slide defer.

Let us know your most loved entertaining Bodo songs ever on the comment section below.

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