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25 Most Viewed Assamese Videos on YouTube You Should Watch in 2021

Most viewed Assamese videos on YouTube of all time. YouTube is now one of the most popular video-sharing platforms.

Nowadays every day or seconds there are thousands of videos /songs are uploaded into the YouTube server.

The Assamese music industry also produced lots of music videos that are available on YouTube.

So, you must be curious to know which are the topmost viewed Assamese videos on YouTube of all time.

Here in this post, I’m going to list down the top most viewed Assamese songs on YouTube.

25 Most Viewed Assamese Videos on YouTube [2021]


Ranking Song Title Views
1. Turut Turut By Mukul Baba 51,510,400
2. Eta Kotha Kua Na (Ratnakar) 40,191,731
3. Ultrasound by Rakesh Reeyan 34,430,191
4. Pokhila by Neel Akash 33,218,540
5. Chal Champa Chal by Zubeen Garg 30,078,272
6. Dibrugarh Axom by Gitanjali Das 28,486,221
7. Autowala Moi by Vreegu Kashyap & Priyanka Bharali 25,025,737
8. Dhuniya Loratu by Gitanjali Das 24,223,878
9. Padel Maari Maari by Babu Baruah 23,117,718
10. Renu By Neel Akash 22,858,423
11. Senimai by Neel Akash 22,561,437
12. Kinu Sawonire (Jaanmoni 2008) 22,497,124
13. Kong Seng by Kussum Kailash & Neel Akash 22,378,440
14. Din Jwole Raati Jwole by Zubeen Garg 22,040,279
15. Ishwar Oi (Bogi Bogi) By Neel Akash 21,050,409
16. Dhulikona (Kanchanjangha) by Zubeen Garg 20,218,113
17. Rukmini by Babu Baruah 19,998,489
18. Tumar Ukhahot by Neel Akash 19,370,580
19. Barikhare Banot by Zubeen Garg & Babu Baruah 18,790,745
20. Rati Rati (Ratnakar) by Zubeen Garg 18,382,256
21. Mon Hira doi Remix by Neel Akash 18,319,711
22. Superman Handyman by Kuldeep Suman 17,774,586
23. O Sakuntala by Neel Akash 17,527,462
24. Bukka By Kussum Kailash & Priyanka Bharali 17,521,341
25. Aasin Aayang (Junbai) by Zubeen Garg 16,212,815


These are the topmost viewed Assamese songs on YouTube of all time as of 7 July 2021.

Comment down which one is your all-time favorite entertaining Assamese song, we’ll like to read your comment.

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