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Microsoft PowerPoint Complete Tutorial


Microsoft Office PowerPoint Complete tutorial posts.

Microsoft’s PowerPoint is one of the most popular presentations software and also it has lots of powerful tools and features. On this page we update PowerPoint tools and features tutorials and how to use them.

How to Add Background Color in PowerPoint
Learn to change the PowerPoint presentation slide default white color with a custom color one. Read more 

How to Insert Table in PowerPoint
Learn everything about table tool on how to add/insert tables in PowerPoint slide with this easy and simple tutorial post. Read more

How to Make PowerPoint slide size Custom
Learn to create a custom-sized presentation slide in PowerPoint. It’s easy. Just simply follow this tutorial. Read more 

How to use Gradient Fill in PowerPoint
The gradient is one most trending and useful features of PowerPoint. Learn everything about Gradient color fill in PowerPoint with this simple tutorial. Read more 

How to Write Circular Text in PowerPoint
Learn to create/write curved or circular style text in PowerPoint. It’s easy you can do this by learning the WordArt feature of PowerPoint. Read more

How to Design Text in PowerPoint
You can easily design text in PowerPoint by learning the Text Effect feature of PowerPoint. Learn everything about the Text Effect feature in this tutorial. Read more

How to Insert a Video in PowerPoint
Learn to insert/add a video in a PowerPoint presentation slide from your Computer or YouTube or from the web. Read more

How to Create PowerPoint Template
Learn to create beautiful PowerPoint templates with this easy tutorial. Read more 

How to Save PowerPoint slide as PNG/JPG
Learn to save/export your PowerPoint presentation slides as an image file of format PNG, JPG, etc. Read more

How to Type Hindi in PowerPoint
Learn to type Hindi script letters in the PowerPoint presentation slide. It’s easy. Read more

How to type Assamese in PowerPoint
Learn to type the Assamese language script letters in the PowerPoint presentation slides with this tutorial. Read more

PowerPoint all shortcut keys list
Microsoft Office PowerPoint all the important and useful shortcut keys with their uses you must have to know these. Read more

How to insert Equations in PowerPoint
Learn how you can insert/add Mathematical or Chemical equations in Microsoft Office PowerPoint ppt slides. Read more
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