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Microsoft Office Word Keyboard Shortcuts List Download Free PDF


Here are the most used Microsoft Office Word keyboard shortcuts with descriptions and shortcut names. In this shortcuts key list ‘ +’ symbol means you have to press those two or three keys simultaneously on the keyboard. 

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MS Word Keyboard Shortcut Keys List

Shortcut Keys Tool Name Description
Ctrl + N New document Create a new document.
Ctrl + O or Ctrl + F12 Open Opens an existing document.
Ctrl + S or Shift + F12 Save Saves the active document.
F12 Save as Opens a save as dialog box.
Ctrl + A Select Selects all contents of the Page.
Ctrl + P or Ctrl + Shift + F12 Print Prints the active documents.
Ctrl + F2 Print Preview To show a preview of the page as printed.
F7 Spelling Check the spelling of the active document page.
Ctrl + X Cut Cuts the selected text or illustrations (i.e shapes, SmartArt & Chart) and puts it on the clipboard.
Ctrl + C Copy Copies the selected Text or illustrations and puts them on the clipboard.
Ctrl + V or Shift + Insert Paste Inserts the clipboard contents at the insertion point.
Ctrl + Z Undo Reverses certain commands.
Ctrl + Y Redo Reverses the action of the undo button.
Ctrl + Shift + C Format Printer Copies the formatting of the selected text to a specified location.
F1 Help Provides help for working on Microsoft Office Word.
Ctrl + F Find Opens Find and Replace dialog box with find tab.
Ctrl + K Insert Insert link.
Ctrl + Del. or Ctrl + Backspace Delete Deletes word to the right of the cursor and for Ctrl + Backspace deletes word to the left of the cursor.
Alt + Shift + D or Alt + Shift + T Insert Insert the current date and for Alt + Shift + T Insert the current time.
Ctrl + Shift + F Font Changes the font size of the selected text.
Ctrl + Shift + S Style Applies a style or records a style
Ctrl + Shift + P Font Size Changes the font size of the selected text.
Ctrl + B Bold Makes the selected text Bold.
Ctrl + I  Italic Makes the selected text Italic.
Ctrl + U Underline Makes the selected text underlined.
Ctrl + L Aligned Left Aligns the paragraph at the left indent.
Ctrl + E Center Center the paragraph between the indents.
Ctrl + R Align Right Aligns the paragraph at the right indent.
Ctrl + 5 Line Space To increase the line spacing.
Ctrl + J Justify Aligns the paragraph at both rights and left indents.

Download PDF file of the Microsoft Office Word keyboard shortcut list link given below.
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