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How to write Math Equations in Blogger


If you are a teacher and like to teach Mathematics online with a Blog host on Blogger. It’s free and easy to create a teaching Blog in Blogger. But one thing that will disappoint you is that there is no plugin available to insert a Mathematics equation in Blogger.


You know that for a Math tutorial Blog Mathematics equations are the most important and without equation Math Blog is meaningless.  

So through this blog post, I want to share some useful methods that probably help you a lot to insert a Mathematical equation easily in your blog post.

How to write Math Equations in Blogger (Blogspot)

Here in this post, I have shared two methods through which you can insert or add Mathematical equations or any Chemical equations on your Blogger blog. Inserting an equation to your Blogger (Blogspot) blog is easy, just follow this post steps till the end.

Let’s start…

Method 1: Insert Equation as Image

The easiest way to insert a Mathematics equation to the Blogger post that I found is to Insert the Mathematics equations as an image. For that first, you have to write the equation in the PowerPoint slide and save it as an image format (PNG or JPEG). 

After that come to Blogger post and click the Image icon then upload the image. Follow the steps to insert the Math equation in a PowerPoint slide and to save it as an image format.

To insert a Mathematical equation in a Blogger post as an image follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open any version of PowerPoint with the Blank template (presentation)
 Change the slide layout to Blank [ Home > Right-click on slide > Layout > Blank ]


Step 2: Now click on the Insert tab then click on the Equation option and type the equation using Structures and Symbols


Step 3: After your equation is ready, go to the File tab > Save As > Computer > Browse (select a file location to save the file) > PNG (or JPEG) format > Save


Now you have to just upload that image to the Blogger (Blogspot) server. Read, how to upload images in Blogger. Once you upload the equation will be seen your blog post as an image.

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Method 2: Using online Math Equation editor

You can also insert equations to Blogger using an online Mathematics equation editor. There are so many online Math equation editor websites available that provide you free services to create a Mathematics equation online.

Here below how you can insert the Math equation using online Math Equation Editor CodeCogs.Com, follow steps:

Step 1: Go to the link Latex.codecogs and click the fx icon


Step 2: Then there will be open a CodeCogs Equation Editor. Now type the equation using these tools. After all, do hit the Ok button


Step 3: Now you will see that equation on the example box. Select the equation and press Ctrl + C and paste (Ctrl + V) in the post section where you want to show the equation.


That’s done the equation you want to insert in your post is now successfully added.

Here is a list of free online Mathematics equation editor websites like CodeCogs

  • Latex4technics.com
  • Math.typeit.org
  • Sciweavers.org
  • atomurl.net
  • mathcha.io

    That’s all about how you can easily insert a Mathematical equation in the Blogger post. 

    Using one of these three methods mentioned in this article you can easily insert any kind of Math and Chemical reaction equations on your Blogger post such that it makes your blog most helpful to readers.

    I hope this post should help you to insert Equations in your Blogger Blogspot blog. 

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