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How to Write Assamese Yuktakshar?


How to write the yuktakshar in Assamese?

It’s easy to write or type yuktakshar in Assamese while you are typing the Assamese language on your Computer keyboard. 

First, you have to switch your Computer’s default English keyboard to the Assamese language keyboard, it’s simple you don’t need to download any external software. 

If you are using Windows operating system on your Computer then learn how to enable Assamese typing on Windows Computer

After you have enabled the Assamese keyboard on your Computer. Then switch keyboard English to Assamese. For this press and hold the ‘Win‘ key and select the Assame keyboard with the help of the ‘Space‘ key.

Now you can start Assamese typing on your computer. 

For example, You have to type yuktakshar ‘ক্ক’ for this press K+D+K (ক + ্ + ক = ক্ক). To make any yuktakshar in Assamese press the ‘D’ key between the letters.

Some Assamese Yuktakshar Example 

ম+্+প ম্প
স+্+থ স্থ
ণ+্+ড ণ্ড
ঙ+্+গ ঙ্গ
ন+্+ম ন্ম
ল+্+প ল্প
ম+্+ভ+্+ৰ ম্ভ্ৰ
স+্+ক+্+ৃ স্কৃ

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