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How to Rename a folder in Windows 10

How to Rename a folder in Windows 10

Do you try to Rename a folder on your Windows Computer?

When we create a new folder in a computer drive we have to give it a name according to our need/project even you can rename this whenever you want.

So, today in this post we are going to discuss the task of how to rename a folder/file in Windows 10. Renaming a file in File Explorer is an easy task. Note that when you rename a file isn’t mean that the file of content change. You can easily rename files according to your needs.

How to rename a folder/file in Windows 10?

Follow the simple steps to rename the folder or file name in your Windows 10 Computer.

Step1: Simply Right-click on that folder/file you want to rename and then select the Rename option second from the bottom, see on the screenshot below. [Shortcut press F2 key]

How to Rename a folder in Windows 10

Step2: Now start typing the name you want to give that particular folder/file on the highlighted box and after done hit the Enter key or click outside the height listed box to save the edited name.

How to Rename a folder in Windows 10

That’s done.

The file or folder is now successfully renamed.

I hope this should help you to rename the folder/file name of your Windows Computer successfully. 

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