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How to enable dark mode in WhatsApp

How to use dark mode in WhatsApp

Do you want to use the dark mode feature in your WhatsApp Messenger? 

Well, WhatsApp has introduced the feature of a dark theme mode you can on and off this feature and use the default light white background theme mode. 
The dark mode or dark theme feature is probably one of the most popular features in the modern generation user interface.

Here below I’m sharing steps on how to enable the dark mode feature in WhatsApp on your smartphone. Just simply follow these steps then you can easily enable the dark mode feature.

How to enable Dark mode in WhatsApp

To enable the dark mode feature open WhatsApp on your smartphone and click on the “three dots” at the top-right corner, then click the Settings option.

How to use dark mode in WhatsApp

Now click the Chats option then a new page will be open and hit the Theme option and choose the Dark theme option

How to use dark mode in WhatsApp

That’s done, the dark mode feature is now active in your WhatsApp app.

Why Dark Mode?

The dark mode feature also called dark theme or night mode is one of the popular modern user interfaces because of its good reasons. Dark mode can put less strain on your eye and can improve the readability of text and even it save the battery of your smartphone.

Notable: The steps mentioned in this post are applicable in the Android version of WhatsApp only.

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