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How to connect Mouse to Realme C3

Do you want to connect a mouse to Realme C3?

Well, Does Realme C3 supports OTG connection?

Yes, Realme C3 device support OTG connection. So definetly you can connect any wired or wireless mouse with Realme C3.

It’s an easy task to pair a mouse with the Realme C3 device. If you’re little bit knowledge about smartphone settings than it’s easy task for you. But whatif you don’t.

So, today in this post we look over how to connect a mouse to Realme C3 with this simple step-by-step guide including screenshot instruction.

How to connect a mouse to Realme C3

First of all you need a OTG udapter if you want to connect a wired mouse. In case of wireless mouse their also included a USB reciver in the box. 
Now go to your Realme C3 device Settings option, then scroll up and click on the Additional settings option.
Then the additional settings features lits will be open. Now again scroll up and enable the OTG connection. 
Now connect the USB port of the wired mouse to the OTG adapter and then connect the adapter/reciver to the micro USB port of your Realme C3 device.
That’s done.
Now you can easily navigate your smartphone using the mouse.
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