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How to Add and Remove icon from task bar

Adding our most used app icon on the Windows taskbar help to open that app in just one click. You can add your most favorite or most daily used apps on the taskbar, such that you can open them quickly in one click.

How to Add and Remove icon from task bar

If you don’t want to show app icons on the Windows taskbar, you can also remove them all from the taskbar. 

Add an App icon in Taskbar

Add your most daily work used or most favorite apps icon on the taskbar. To add an app icon on the taskbar follows the steps.

1. Click on the Windows Start menu and All apps then find that app you want to add on the taskbar. Right-click on that app and More > Pint to taskbar 

How to Add and Remove icon from task bar

2. You can also find the apps easily using the Windows search 🔎option. Click the search option and type app name, then Right click > Pin to taskbar

Now see on the taskbar a new app icon is added.

Remove an Icon from Taskbar

If you want to remove or unpin an app icon which is added in the taskbar. You can easily unpin an app icon from the taskbar, Point the mouse on that app icon and Right-click > Unpin from taskbar

How to Add and Remove icon from task bar
That’s all the app icon is removed now from the taskbar.

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