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All about Computer Mouse

All about Computer Mouse

What is a Computer mouse?

A mouse is a picking device that used to select a command by moving it in any direction on a flat surface. The mouse has commonly two or three buttons to confirm the selection. The mouse makes your computer easy to use. In fact, windows and most of the windows-based programs are mouse-oriented, which means their features and commands are designed for use with a mouse.
A normal standard computer mouse has three buttons on the body – left and right button and a wheel/middle button between these two buttons. The left mouse button is usually called the primary button, in windows computer and windows centric programs the right mouse button can be used in many ways and the wheel of the mouse is useful for various purposes – like scrolling through long documents. 
Standard mouse

Uses of a Mouse

1. Usually, the mouse’s left button is the primary button. You click it to select a command and perform other tasks. The right button opens special “shortcut menus” which contains vary according to the program you are running.
2. The mouse is used to move a graphical pointer around on the screen.
3. The pointer is controlled by the mouse’s motions across your desktop’s surface. When you push the mouse forward (away from you), the pointer moves up on the screen. When you pull the mouse backward (toward you), the pointer moves down. When you move the mouse to the left or right, or diagonally, the pointer moves to the left, right, or diagonally on the screen. 
4. To click an object or icon, point the pointer to it on the screen, then quickly press and release the left mouse button on time.
5. To double-click, an object, point the pointer to it on the screen, then quickly press and release the left mouse button twice.
6. To right-click, an object, point the pointer to it on the screen, then quickly press and release the right mouse button one time.
7. You can use the mouse to move an object around on the screen. To drag an object, point the pointer to it, then press and hold down the left mouse button, drag the object to the desired location, then release the mouse button.

Types of mouse

Nowadays there are so many different kinds of computer mouse available which use for different purposes of work. If we differentiate them with their physical, mechanical structure and using purpose then mainly nine types of the mouse are used.
  • Optical & Laser mouse
  • Cordless/Wireless mouse
  • Mechanical mouse
  • 3D mouse
  • Gaming mouse
  • Inertial & gyroscope mouse
  • Ergonomic mouse
  • Tactile mouse
  • Pucks mouse
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