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Adfly Review 2021: (With Payment Proof) | Should You Use or Not?

Adfly review 2021: Adfly link shortener is one of the trusted and popular link shortener site you can use to monetize your site links. Adfly link shortener pays you on sharing short links created using their site.

Link shortener websites are the best way to monetize the links you are sharing on blog posts.

You just simply need to sign up to a link shortener site and create a short link of your link and that’s it. When users visit those links you will start earning.

In this post, I’m going to share an in-depth Adfly review of one of the trusted and popular link shortener websites.

I personally used the Adfly link shortener on one of my sites for a couple of months. You can see my Adfly earning report below.


So, let’s talk about how you can also earn $5 daily for just sharing short links.

Are you ready!

Adfly Review 2021: Earn $5 Daily From Adfly


To make money online you must need to have a blog or social account to share the short links. I’m sure you have one to monetize links.

Simply go to the Adfly official website and create an account on it. Now create a short link of the link you have shared in your blog post.

Replace that old link with the new short link you have just created on Adfly.

As much as users click and visit that link you earn money from Adfly. So, the main thing is to have sufficient traffic on your site to make money online.

You can withdraw your earning amount using PayPal and Payoneer daily or monthly. The minimum withdrawal limit is $5 for PayPal and $10 for Payoneer.

How Much does Adfly Pay Per 1000 Views?

The amount you earn per 1000 views depends on from which country the users visit your links. Some country has high CPM. For example, if your link is visited from India you will maximum earn $0.80 while for the USA it becomes $4.75. Here see the complete CPM list of the countries.

Adfly Payment Proof [2021]

Most of the publishers have doubt in mind that is Adfly pays real money or it scam. Initially, I have also that question in mind. But now I can say Adfly pays your earnings on time and it’s legit. Here below I’m sharing my latest 2021 earning payout proof.


Adfly Minimum Payout Limit

You can withdraw the amount when your earnings reached a minimum of $5. Adfly allows users to receive payment using Paypal and Payoneer. The minimum amount for Paypal is $5 and $10 for Payoneer.

Should You Use Adfly

Adfly or any other link shortener website redirects the link to their site first and shown some ads which are sometimes irritating for users. That makes them no user-friendly.

If your site is a content downloading site then it’s a good alternating link monetizing option for you.


The conclusion of this Adfly review – overall Adfly is a safe and reliable trusted site to monetize the external links on your site. A link shortener is a good option for those who run content downloading sites.

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